2023-24 Legislative Session Wrap-Up Report

WEDA Advocacy Helps Strengthen Wisconsin’s Economic Development Toolbox 

While the Wisconsin State Legislature finished most of its business for the 2023-24 legislative session by early March of this year, the session did not officially conclude until last week when lawmakers met in a limited veto-review session. Unless legislators convene for a special or extraordinary session, the Legislature will not meet again until 2025.

With the session concluded and election season gearing up, WEDA is taking this opportunity to provide members with a 2023-24 Legislative Session Wrap-Up Report that outlines WEDA’s key legislative successes. From passage of the Business Development Tax Credit Modernization Act and several workforce housing development initiatives to preservation of the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit, WEDA played a pivotal role in advancing important economic development policies and programs during the session.

Rest assured, WEDA’s success would not have been possible without the engagement of members, many of whom took time away from their busy day jobs to contact their lawmakers on critical legislative issues, attend WEDA’s Legislative Days, or come to Madison to testify on key economic development bills. It was truly and team effort, and it was exciting to witness WEDA flex its advocacy muscle.

While the 2023-24 Legislative Session Wrap-Up Report touches only on our top legislative successes, WEDA lobbied on numerous legislative and budget proposals, a handful of which were ultimately signed into law. Please CLICK HERE to review all of the legislative proposals and issues WEDA lobbied on during the 2023-24 session.

Of course, WEDA is always looking forward, and that certainly applies to our advocacy efforts. We are currently working on the development of the 2025-26 WEDA Legislative Agenda, which will outline our policy priorities for the next legislative session. Please watch your inbox for a WEDA Membership Survey seeking your input on the development of our Legislative Agenda. As economic professionals and experts “fighting the good fight” in your communities, your feedback will be critical.