Welcome to the landing page for the 2019 Wisconsin Basic Economic Development Course!

This web page is solely for the class participants of the 2019 Wisconsin Basic Economic Development Course. The course is certified by the International Economic Development Council and is in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin – Madison Extension. On this page, you will find the majority of the information that will be part of the course content. We will not provide print outs of the course presentations, but will provide access to the presentations on this web page.

Course Schedule

2019 Basic Course Case Study

Class Roster Please submit your LinkedIn profile to weda@weda.org. We will replace the email addresses with the profile links to ensure about to remain connected with your classmates.

Basic Course Class Roster – LinkedIn Profiles

Question or Conflicts During Course – If you have any questions/conflicts during the course, please contact Mary Perry at mperry@weda.org or (866) 766-7578

Monday Presentation

Ethics by Heather Wessling

Tuesday Presentations

Marketing by Janet Ady
Strategic Planning by Jen Erickson
Workforce Development by Matt Kures
Business Retention and Expansion by Diane Lupke

Wednesday Presentations

Real Estate Development by Kristen Fish
Community Development by Naletta Burr
Economic Development FinanceChristian Tscheschlok

Thursday Presentations

Small Business by Mark Lange
Lean Start Up by Todd Strother, PhD
Managing and EDO by Brian Doudna

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