Fixing Foundations: Assembly Republicans Introduce Workforce Housing Legislative Package 

Over the last several years, WEDA has focused a great deal of our legislative efforts on policies to spur the development of much-needed workforce housing in communities across the state. In fact, during the current legislative session, we have been working to pass a workforce housing tax credit (AB 156 / SB 172) to incentivize the development of modern, affordable housing located near employment centers, schools, and other important amenities.

Yesterday, Assembly Republican doubled down on efforts to address Wisconsin’s housing crunch. Legislative leaders unveiled their Fixing Foundations legislative package that seeks to address Wisconsin’s growing workforce housing shortage

Assembly Majority Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna), who praised the series of bills aimed at providing more housing options for workers said, “As I talk with neighbors and local business leaders in our community, it has been painfully clear that a lack of available housing units has made our state an unattractive destination for both workers and businesses alike. The proposals put forth today will help support meaningful change across our state.”

There are numerous reasons behind Wisconsin’s housing crunch, including the rising cost of construction, excessive land use regulations, and a labor shortage. But despite the reasons, Wisconsin has an inadequate, aging housing stock, and there is simply not enough new housing being built to meet demand. While there is no solver bullet, the Fixing Foundations legislative package can play a key role in addressing our workforce housing shortage, which is threatening the economic vitality of local communities in every corner of Wisconsin.

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