WEDA Membership

Why Join WEDA?

As the “Voice of Economic Development”, WEDA is dedicated to developing, advocating for, and educating state and local leaders on economic development tools critical to growing local economies. By joining WEDA, you can leverage key resources and training, impact state policies and build an extensive professional network of industry leaders and economic development professionals who share the same mission – growing Wisconsin.

How to Join

Join online. WEDA membership is available to corporations, local units of government and individuals. Our member benefits structure seeks to provide the greatest value for each dollar invested into our organization. Find more information about our membership and sponsorship levels at

Individual Membership

First member from an organization


Second member from an organization


Additional Member from an organization


Local Elected Official Membership

First elected official from a local government


Second elected official from the same local government


This membership level is designed for local elected officials, such as mayors, pillage Presidents, town presidents, city council members and members of village and town boards.

Retired member

This membership level is for individuals who worked in the economic development field, is retired, but would like to stay involved in WEDA and issues impacting economic development in Wisconsin.



For those enrolled full-time in an accredited Wisconsin college or university


Corporate memberships are also available.

JOIN NOW. Complete an online application [include a link to where members can sign-up online] to become a WEDA member today!