WEDA offers group benefits program for members

WEDA has formed a partnership with Heartland Benefits Group, an A+ rated insurance carrier, to provide  non-medical group benefit plans to WEDA member organizations with two or more employees. The benefit program offers members a unique and valuable suite of insurance products through Companion Life Insurance.

With just two employees needed to enroll and start a plan – and no participation requirements – Companion Life allows employees to pick the type of coverage they want rather than what they may be forced to take in a typical benefit program. Under the program:

  • Employers can offer any of the following benefits from the “Defined Contribution Benefit” suite of products: dental; vision; life; short-term disability; and critical illness.
  • The employer identifies their fixed monthly premium allocation, with a minimum of $25 per employee, per month.
  • The employee can choose to spend more than the employer allocation.
  • Heartland Benefit Group will coordinate 100% of the enrollment set-up with each individual WEDA member organization.

In addition to the non-medical benefits offered through companion life, WEDA is also teaming with Heartland Benefits to provide WEDA members with legal and identity theft protection through LegalShield & IDShield.

LegalShield allows you to consult with your legal team for any matter without ever receiving a high hourly bill. For a low flat monthly fee, you receive unlimited advice and consultation. Included in the plan are wills and power of attorney; traffic violation representation; contract and document review; and even civil trial defense. There are also plans available for small businesses.

IDShield allows you to enroll in the only identity theft protection plan that offers complete restoration of your identity by licensed private investigators – and backs it up with a $5 million service guarantee. The plan also monitors black market websites to make sure your personal information is not being traded and sold; provides ID Vault to protect your passwords; monitors your credit files; and even monitors your social media accounts.

For more information on these new member benefits or to sign-up, please call or e-mail Steve Schwartzer at Heartland Benefits Group at (608) 235-4241 or