Finding our website information not loading or showing old pages? Try these methods to fix it.

Refresh your page

Before anything else try refreshing your page. Sometimes pages get stuck in past versions trying to bring up something you may have viewed in the past. By hitting the refresh button in your top left corner can sometimes fix it.

Update your browser

Is your browser up to date? No matter the browser — Chrome, Firefox, etc. — if it isn’t the latest version it may have trouble displaying the latest content. Your top right corner should display if you need to update your browser, or you can click on the three buttons in the top right corner to check. If it isn’t up to date, update your browser and try again.

Make sure profile sync is on

If you are using your profile or another on your browser, you may have accidentally turned profile sync off. Although this feature is usually for bookmarks and search history, is can also impact site data and cache. By clicking on your profile icon on the three dots in the right-hand corner you can check if your profile sync is on. Make sure you turn it on if it isn’t currently, then try again.

Clear your browsing data/cache

Sometimes our computers hold onto old data that prevents us from seeing our newest content options. In order to ensure this isn’t happening you should clear your browsing data/cache. To do this, click the three dots in your right-hand corner and go to history. Then click “Clear browsing data”, in the pop up there should be an “Advanced” option. Click this and select the first 4 options, leaving the options below them unselected. Use these selections to clear your data then try again.