Walker and Evers in “Dead Heat” in Governor’s Race According to New Marquette Poll

Incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic opponent Tony Evers are essentially tied in the race for governor, according to the latest Marquette University Law School Poll released earlier today.

With less than four weeks until the Nov. 6 election, the poll found 47 percent of likely voters supported Walker, with 46 percent supporting Evers. Libertarian candidate Phil Anderson captured five percent. The poll results were a significant improvement for Walker over the September Marquette poll that had Evers up by five points, 49 percent to 44 percent. However, Evers maintained a lead among independent voters in the latest poll.

In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Democrat Sen. Tammy Baldwin held her lead over Republican challenger Leah Vukmir, capturing 53 percent of support among likely voters to Vukmir’s 43 percent. In the September poll, Baldwin enjoyed an 11-point lead over Vukmir.

In the Wisconsin race for attorney general, Republican incumbent Brad Schimel leads Democrat candidate Josh Kaul, 47 percent to 43 percent.

Please find below highlights from the new Marquette poll, which was conducted Oct. 3-7:

Governor’s Race:

  • Among Likely Voters:
    • Walker (I) – 47%
    • Evers – 46%
    • Anderson – 5%
  • Favorability
    • Walker Favorability:
      • Favorable – 48%
      • Unfavorable – 49%
    • Evers Favorability:
      • Favorable – 41%
      • Unfavorable – 38%

U.S. Senate Race

  • Among Likely Voters:
    • Baldwin (I) – 53%
    • Vukmir – 43%
  • Favorability
    • Baldwin Favorability
      • Favorable – 49%
      • Unfavorable – 42%
    • Vukmir Favorability
      • Favorable – 30%
      • Unfavorable – 43%

Wisconisn Attorney General’s Race

  • Among Likely Voters:
    • Schimel (I) – 47%
    • Kaul – 43%


Direction of State:

  • According to the poll, ” Fifty-four percent of Wisconsin registered voters see the state as headed in the right direction while 40 percent think the state is off on the wrong track. In September, 50 percent said right direction and 47 percent said wrong track.”

Voter Enthusiasm:

  • According to the poll, “67 percent of registered voters say they are very enthusiastic about voting in this year’s elections, with 22 percent somewhat enthusiastic and 10 percent either not very or not at all enthusiastic.
  • According to the poll, “Among Republicans, 70 percent are very enthusiastic while among Democrats 76 percent are. Among independents, 59 percent say they are very enthusiastic about voting this year. In September, 64 percent of Republicans and 75 percent of Democrats were very enthusiastic, with 49 percent of independents.


  • According to the poll, “Six percent of registered voters say that roads where they live are in excellent condition and 30 percent say good condition, while 34 percent say the roads are fair and 30 percent say their roads are in poor condition.”
  • According to the poll, “Sixty-one percent say it is more important to keep gas taxes and vehicle registration fees where they are now, while 32 percent say it is more important to raise gas taxes and registration fees in order to spend more on roads and highways.”


  • According to the poll, “Forty-eight percent of registered voters think that the state is paying more than the Foxconn plant is worth, while 38 percent think that the plant will provide at least as much value as the state is investing in the plant. Thirteen percent say they don’t know if the plant will be worth it or not. In the September poll, 48 percent said the state was paying too much and 39 percent said it was worth it.”
  • According to the poll, “When asked if businesses where the respondent lives will benefit from Foxconn, 35 percent say that such businesses will benefit directly from the Foxconn plant, while 57 percent say that their local businesses will not benefit and 8 percent don’t know. In the September poll, 33 percent said that their local businesses would benefit, while 54 percent did not think so.”


Trump Approval Rating:

  • According to the poll, “President Trump has a 46 percent approval rating, with 51 percent disapproving. In the previous Marquette Law School poll, in September, his approval was 42 percent, with 54 percent disapproving. Partisans are deeply divided on Trump’s job performance.


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