Unlock the full potential of your membership with our insightful guide to our top features!

Dive into a world of exclusive benefits, exciting perks, and insider tips to make the most out of every feature. Whether you’re a seasoned member or a newcomer, discover how to elevate your experience and maximize the value of your membership!

Stay up to date on the latest legislature!

We always want to make sure that we keep our members informed of what’s going on in Wisconsin and what we’re doing! We keep track of the most important and up-to-date happenings so you don’t have to. We keep up with the latest political and policy news. With your membership, you have access to WEDA’s:

  • WEDAConnect
    • A platform for members to connect, share, and discuss amongst themselves on important topics
  • E-newsletters
    • A variety of information on topics
  • WEDA Wire
    • A comprehensive update on the latest happenings in legislature and possible upcoming issues
  • Legislative Data
    • Crunching the numbers so you can the the data around past, current, and upcoming issues
  • WEDA Annual Report
    • Letting you know how we did with our economic goals over the year
  • Legislative Bill Tracking Tool
    • Letting you easily follow bills you care about and see how they’re doing

Take advantage of our networking events!

WEDA hosts and is involved in many different events throughout the year. Networking events open doors to a world of opportunities, allowing professionals to forge valuable connections that transcend industry boundaries. From exchanging innovative ideas to fostering collaborations, these events are the breeding ground for success. WEDA most notably holds two annual conferences, a great opportunity for anyone who attends. A WEDA membership allows discounted rates as low as FREE to events!

  • Events Page
    • Stay up to date on the newest WEDA events on our events page
  • WEDA Young Professionals Engagement Network (WEDA YPEN)
    • The young are our future, we’re investing in making sure that they have the tools and network to succeed and carry the torches we’ll pass on
  • WEDAConnect
    • Connect with other WEDA members and find like-minded individuals

Attend WEDA classes!

WEDA does more than host events and advocate for legislature. WEDA has many classes educating individuals and companies on different economic happenings/issues. Attending economic development education courses is a strategic investment in your professional growth. These courses provide a comprehensive understanding of economic trends, policies, and strategies, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate complex economic landscapes. By honing your skills through education, you position yourself as a valuable asset in driving sustainable development, fostering innovation, and contributing to the prosperity of communities and businesses alike. WEDA has classes for:

  • Wisconsin Basic Economic Development Course (BDEC)
    • Fulfills one of the prereqs for the International Economic Development Council’s Certified Economic Developer(CEcD) credential
  • Economic Development 101
    • Core training for communities and locally elected officials
  • Academy Courses
    • Change with the times and feature new topics regularly

Go corporate!

While we maintain that individual memberships have amazing value, corporate memberships offer new tiers of privileges and features for amazing value. Elevate your experience with our corporate memberships, unlocking a whole new tier of privileges and features that redefine amazing value. Tailored to meet the unique needs of different businesses, these memberships offer unparalleled perks, fostering team collaboration, professional development, and a suite of exclusive benefits that go beyond expectations. It’s not just membership; it’s a strategic advantage for your organization’s success. Some of the possible features include:

  • Exhibit and speaking opportunities at events
  • Complimentary registration for events
  • Unlimited or discounted individual memberships
  • Cheaper options at events for non-members
  • Recognition and promotion of your organization