About WEDA

The Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA), founded in 1975, is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to expanding Wisconsin’s economy. Driven by the needs of our 450-plus members, we represent the economic development interests of both the private and public sectors through leadership on statewide initiatives to advance economic development in Wisconsin.

Through advocacy, networking, and education, we provide members with the resources and tools to strengthen their skills in economic development, help achieve their professional goals, and promote economic growth in communities throughout the state.


Make Wisconsin a better place to live and work through economic advancement.


Enhance economic development in Wisconsin through professional development, networking, and advocacy.

Our members are professionals from every area of economic development:

  • Bankers
  • Chamber of Commerce Staff
  • City, County, Town and Tribal Officials
  • Community Planners
  • Construction Companies
  • Economic Development Consultants
  • Engineering Companies
  • Local and Regional Economic Developers
  • Residential, Commercial, and Retail Developers
  • State Agency Staff
  • University and Technical College Representatives
  • Utility Company Staff
  • Workforce Development Professionals

WEDA is committed to an inclusive approach where equal opportunities exist for all our members and partners. We strive to support a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community that creates a sense of belonging and a work environment that includes all backgrounds and perspectives.