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Childcare in Wisconsin and its Impact on Workforce and the Economy

This new report from WEDI shows the scarcity and high cost of quality childcare in Wisconsin is making it increasingly difficult for parents trying to enter, re-enter, or remain in the workforce. The report also clearly illustrates that the state’s childcare access crisis is a top concern for the business community. In fact, 80% of Wisconsin employers believe the economy is impacted by the availability of affordable, high-quality childcare. In addition, 73% of businesses believe that without greater access to childcare, Wisconsin employers will face workforce shortages now and in the future.

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The Wisconsin Economic Development Institute, Inc. (WEDI) is a non-profit, non-partisan foundation established under the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) to conduct research and education designed to increase the effectiveness of economic development efforts.


A higher quality of life and increased access to wealth and opportunity for Wisconsin citizens through economic development.


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