Message from the WEDA Board Chair: Donna Walker

One of the advantages of being the WEDA Board Chair is that it gives one a better perspective and appreciation of the field of economic development. Hearing from and visiting with the many wonderful Wisconsites who aggressively work daily to improve their local communities fills me with pride and joy. It reinforces why I choose to work in this field.

As an economic development practitioner, there are times that I too can get frustrated and overwhelmed navigating a project or policy through a complex process. As Board Chair, I am reminded that all economic development practitioners in the state need encouragement, support, and an association that is in their corner. You can rely upon WEDA to be that partner and supporter – it’s simply what we do.

WEDA absolutely provides the best networking opportunities in the state for our profession! For example, the February Governor’s Conference on Economic Development was designed to provide ample opportunities for attendees to reacquaint, renew, and rejuvenate with their peers. I want to thank WEDA for providing the “best in practice” training and networking events that keep us going.  As we approach new challenges, I encourage everyone to leverage and utilize their WEDA membership to its fullest.

Keep going forward!