November 8, 2023 – 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Fundamentals of Industrial and Business Parks Webinar

Training Objectives

To provide an introduction to the fundamentals of industrial and business park development, focusing on key considerations such as needs assessment, planning and design, marketing, and deal structuring. After completing this course, participants should be better prepared to explore the creation or expansion of industrial or business parks in their community.


As part of a comprehensive economic development effort, communities may choose to consider the creation or expansion of industrial or business parks to accommodate future business growth. Economic developers may be called upon to help local leaders explore options and make informed decisions before proceeding.

Through this course, attendees will learn about key concepts to consider and evaluate when exploring opportunities. Is there a need for an industrial or business park? What data should be considered and how does this market information help to guide decision making. What are some of the critical planning and design considerations, including ownership, infrastructure, location, partners, and local support. What funding opportunities may be available to support development.

If your community decides to pursue the development of an industrial or business park, how will it be marketed and who will be responsible for this activity? What type of businesses do you hope to attract to your park? When a deal is proposed, who will be in charge and what expectations are in place to ensure that community goals are being met.

Through this course, attendees will learn –

  • Determining the need and planning for a park
  • Marketing approaches and deal structuring
  • Funding resources
  • Best Practices


James Otterstein
Economic Development Manager,
Rock County

Coleman Peiffer
Manager Customer and Community Development
Alliant Energy

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