AICCW-FACC Executive Director Craig Anderson (left) meets with WEDA Executive Director Brian Doudna to sign Memorandum of Understanding.

Madison, WI – As part of an ongoing commitment to expanding Wisconsin’s economy through effective partnerships, the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin-First American Capital Corporation (AICCW-FACC) to advance community and economic development across the state.

“The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin and First American Capital Corporation (AICCW-FACC) is excited to partner with WEDA to provide Native businesses and communities with expanded educational and networking opportunities to help drive the economy,” said Craig Anderson, AICCW-FACC Executive Director. “Both organizations have long been committed to creating a climate for economic growth in Wisconsin, and by working together, I’m confident we will be even more successful.”

The agreement builds on the past achievements of each organization, paving the way for WEDA and AICCW-FACC to collaborate on educational programming, events and other initiatives that support economic development and business success. To accomplish these goals, the MOU aims to:

  • Facilitate greater collaboration between WEDA and AICCW-FACC on economic development seminars, conferences and training for Native American businesses and communities.
  • Create partnerships with business development stakeholders to provide additional technical assistance options for Native American entrepreneurs.
  • Identify and facilitate workshops to meet the diverse community and business development goals of American Indian communities.

“Our association continues to expand our reach and deliver technical services designed to meet the diverse needs of the community and economic development profession,” said Brian Doudna, WEDA Executive Director. “WEDA will work with our members, similar to the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin-First American Capital Corporation, to develop and implement targeted solutions to address gaps in this rapidly changing economy.

About WEDA

The Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the Wisconsin economy. Founded in 1975, WEDA’s professional members are dedicated to making Wisconsin a better place to live and work through economic development that focuses on retaining and expanding existing businesses; facilitating investment and entrepreneurship; and attracting new companies, employment opportunities and innovation capital.


The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin (AICCW) is a statewide membership non-profit organization formed in 1991 to promote members and affiliates of the Chamber, emphasizing American Indian-owned businesses and professionals. Its focus is the creation, expansion and diversification of American Indian-owned enterprises through business education, informational resources and business networking which will lead to increased Native-owned business capacity, increased employment and other community benefits.

The First American Capital Corporation is a non-profit Native Community Development Financial Institution and SBA Microlender, formed in 2002 by the AICCW, for the purposes of providing access to capital in the form of business loans and business management development services – to assist in the creation, growth, and capacity building of Native American businesses located both on and off federally recognized reservations.