Executive Director’s Corner: Brian Doudna, EDFP

Performance Context to Add Value to Membership

WEDA Executive Director Brian Doudna

Enhancing the value of a WEDA membership is always the focus of the WEDA Board and staff.  The organization is very fortunate to have great staff leading efforts across the organization. For the first time in my tenure as Executive Director of WEDA, we have leaders of each service division of WEDA that are focused on outcomes. It is truly an exciting time for your Association with the skills of Kathy Heady, Mike Harrigan, Kathy Davies and Michael Welsh all focused on advancing our profession and the tools available to grow our communities.

The CRA Network is a new tool that is increasing the overall value of WEDA membership. Ultimately, the CRA Network is about breaking down barriers and building partnerships based on data, projects, initiatives and relationships

Starting in August, WEDA and the CRA Network will begin the process of implementing a statewide Performance Context service, (banking term), which will be able to be focused down to an individual county or the MSA level.  This service will allow local officials and a diverse group of professionals to be part of an assessment survey tool identifying marketplace gaps, needs and opportunities.  This service will enlist more than WEDA members to get a cross-section of the community and the needs of specific areas of Wisconsin.

The final step of the Performance Context service will be held at the regional CRA Network luncheons in the fall of each year (Nov. 2019).  At those facilitated discussions, the results of the survey tool will be shared at the CRA Network Region level and discussed on how to meet the needs and opportunities found in the data. 

The value of your WEDA membership and each of our lines of business will benefit from the Performance Context service. It will strengthen our conferences, academy and advocacy work, based on the data and dialogue at the regional luncheons.   In closing, I ask that you join us for the spring meetings of the CRA Network.  They are being held across the state and are free.   The luncheon starts at Noon.   Please register today!

April 2:   Southwest Region – Register

  • Luncheon Speaker: Stuart Kuzik, WHEDA
  • Location:  UW Richland – 1200 US-14, Richland Center

April 4:  Southeast Region – Register

  • Luncheon Speaker:  Paul Ginger, OCC
  • Location: Racine Civic Center / Sapphire Room, 5 5th St, Racine

April 10:  Northwest Region- Register

  • Location: Chippewa Valley Technical College, 403 Technology Dr E, Menomonie

April 11:  Southcentral Region – Register

  • Location: UW Research Park, 510 Charmany Drive, Madison

April 17:  Northeast Region – Register

  • Location: Paper Valley Hotel, 333 W College Ave, Appleton

April 18: Northcentral Region- Register

  • Luncheon Speaker: Steven W. Kuehl, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Location: Holiday Inn, Stevens Point